What does membership of the GWI-NL offer you?

  • Being a part of a worldwide federation dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of women and girls through education in the broadest sense of the word
  • Having a say over the drafting of resolutions for the GWI conferences through which UN policy is influenced by lobbying teams in Vienna, Paris, New York and Geneva
  • Knowledge enrichment through lectures, webinars, workshops and/or meetings
  • Access to (inter) national / European network for training, work and/or study
  • Access to (inter) national / European network of informal local contacts for travel and vacation
  • Participate by joining or presenting workshops, seminars and presentations at conferences of GWI, and/or as an elected member been a part of working groups and committees GWI (such as Education Committee and Membership Committee) or the Board
  • Having an active role in activities (setting up) concrete projects
  • Being part of a global community '
  • Vote as a member at the General Meeting (AGM) of GWI-NL
  • As GWI-NL, we help to ensure that we look out for each other and those around us and we contribute to international solidarity through activities
  • Stay informed via our E-Newsletter.


GWI-NL is de Nederlandse vereniging van de wereldwijde
koepelorganisatie Graduate Women International (GWI)

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